Colorful people- Everybody isn’t a designer here but that doesn’t stop them from painting their colleagues with colors of joy on the beautiful occasion of Holi.

Out of the box(read cubicles)- Once in awhile we simply relish the suburbs and remote surroundings and couple that with eateries serving delicious foods- heaven on earth!

Let there be light- Diwali is the festival of lights and we lighten our premises with candles and crafty lights. Join this light and we will remove the darkness from the faces of so many!

Sweet teeth-  Birthday’s are special and we make sure there are sweet memories attached to it. Not only do we celebrate birthday of all the members but that of our very own organization as well!.

Queenly is the term- Who can deny the contributions of women throughout the entire human history, our organization is no different! On their very own day(Women’s day) we celebrate their achievements.

Team- work is a religion and and we are it’s avid followers. Every now and then we arrange for fun contests with inter office teams, and yes there are lucrative prizes as well!

(Picture taken at SAIL(Steel Authority of India) premises Ranchi.

Statutory warning! Serious stuff!!- Yes, we do work as well, promotion of e-learning to the farthest corners of India via seminars and Workshops is one of our visions.

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We are a tight knit group of dreamers, doers, developers, analysts, writers and digital visionaries. Diverse in skills, uniformed by passion, we believe in the motifs of " Together and Better " & " Smile in Our Customer’s Face ".

Our healthy work culture celebrates right blend of talent and hard work. Our business setting is not just about long hauls, but having fun and enjoying what we do.

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